Founded by the collaboration of GNL Entertainment, ID İletişim and Sprint, PH7 is a talent agency that has the management and representation rights of leading names in music, film, tv and sports in Turkey. PH7 is also strategic partners with CAA in Turkey.


GNL Entertainment is a group of companies located in Istanbul, Turkey (headquarters), Cologne, Germany (EU Office) and Los Angeles, USA (North America Office). GNL Entertainment continues to grow successfully since its foundation in 2005 including and adding many fields of entertainment to its structure.The companies GNL Entertainment Group consists of are; Music Artist Management, Record Label, International Artists & Celebrity Agency, International Concert Promotion & Production, Event Production.GNL Entertainment Group is the only group which provides every service in the show business in Turkey.


Established in 2001, ID is the leading Talent Agency and Concert and Special Projects Promoter in Turkey. In Turkey’s Entertainment Arena, ID represents clients such as, Music Performers Actors & Actresses in TV and Motion Picture Film Directors and provides services such as; Sponsorships Commercial Endorsements Stage Organizations Special Projects


Sprint is a consultancy firm specialised in Sports Marketing which offers services for property partnerships, talent representations and brand consultancies to its stakeholders.


Creative Artists Agency is a leading talent agency headquartered in Los Angeles, California. CAA is regarded as the most influential sports and entertainment agency in the globe. CAA manages prestigious A-list clients in motion picture, TV, music and sports. In March 2016, CAA had 1,800 employees.






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